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Let’s Play Minecraft with Geoff, Jack, Michael, Gavin and Ray

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The achievement hunter lads hop into Minecraft Xbox 360 edition for the first time. Everyone except Gav was playing this for the first time ever. Be sure to stay until the end for the thrilling conclusion to their first adventure!

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41Gbxv16x0L. SL160  Lets Play Minecraft with Geoff, Jack, Michael, Gavin and Ray
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May 14, 2012

PipBoy2020 @ 2:58 am #

this is exactly how the RT crew would act if they were on Survivor

Darkness1984 @ 2:58 am #

as soon as gavin had the bucket of lava you know shit was going down ^^

WoWcruids @ 2:59 am #

im going to hit someone with some WOOD 1:10

azumanga @ 3:00 am #

Gavin is the man!

PipBoy2020 @ 3:01 am #

What do you mean we lost the house? Did the bank come and take it? ILMAO

Hawks12Champs @ 3:03 am #

I know I said the same thing!

NububuChan @ 3:14 am #

It’s funnier cause you guys didn’t play the tutorial XD

ajapplesauce @ 3:17 am #

Lol Gavin you prick! XD

deadamongstnerds @ 3:19 am #

Fuck, these guys would never survive on Survival Island…

Well, Michael wouldn’t anyway! XD

ImJoee @ 3:20 am #

Definitely need to continue this..

deadamongstnerds @ 3:21 am #

Also, if Gavin put the lava inside the house, he could easily get away while the house started to burn and the others would stand around going WTF!?

QweeNieBee @ 3:22 am #

I love how you just watch Gavin go to the lava, get some lava, and walk all the way over to put it on the house XD

They DEFINITELY need to continue this

FaTaLPrIdE @ 3:24 am #


Firegeek1234 @ 3:27 am #


becanstrips @ 3:27 am #

Wow Gavin us the only good one

iEvilNemesis @ 3:38 am #

call this part 1 and do more

VictorHagar @ 3:43 am #

I didn’t know Gavin was going to set the house on fire, but I was hoping.
Me: “No. No way. No, he isn’t. He IS. YES. YES. MUAHAHAHAHA!”

Phluffey @ 3:46 am #


ACrissCrossFILMS @ 3:46 am #

MUST STOP RE-WATCHING THIIIIS!!! haha it’s sooo funny though :)

Metaldragon868 @ 3:48 am #


Brassmonkey604 @ 3:51 am #

Keep making more of these. That was halarious

iEvilNemesis @ 3:54 am #

that house it terrible xD

Akronaangel @ 3:55 am #

This video alone made me buy this game. Thank you Gavin!

EpicFace65 @ 3:55 am #

I love rooster teeth bismuth they are noobs when it come to minecraft thumbs up if u are a pro on minecraft

Snruff @ 3:59 am #

Greatest. Film. Ever. No question!

November 11, 2012

megane @ 10:12 am #

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